Why Shopify for eCommerce is The Right Choice?

If you are looking for an ideal platform to launch your own eCommerce store, Shopify would be the best option for you.

This is a platform that can cater to all your ecommerce needs by providing you all the features that an ideal eCommerce store should have. Be it the inbuild compatibility to support mobile platforms, numerous themes to choose from, or an active community support, Shopify is the one stop solution for all these needs.

As a matter of fact, Shopify recently crossed 500K merchants in Aug 2017, which in itself is an indication of its huge popularity.

Let’s have a deeper look at various features of Shopify which make it a big hit.

Features of Shopify

So, what does it mean when we say Shopify comes packed with a host of features to help you succeed on your ecommerce platform? Let us take a look.

Professional themes

Your ecommerce platform will have a wide range of professional themes to choose from. This is all thanks to the professional designers like Pixel Union, Happy Cog, and the likes.

With these choices, you can customize your website based on how you want it to look like! Whatever is the domain of your business, you get the best designed themes from Shopify. For further customisation, The Hawkesbury Geek can design a theme to suit your specific needs.


Most of the internet users are now active on the mobile platform as compared to the desktop version. In fact, more than 50% of the total ecommerce traffic is generated from smartphones.

For this reason, whatever website you create, you would need to make it compatible with the smartphones and other mobile devices, so that people can view it on the go. Shopify helps you keep the website active on mobiles and helps your customers view products, place orders and shop from the smartphones and tablets.


It is important that your eCommerce website is easily customizable. When you are dealing with Shopify, you have the chance to work and experiment with a number of different intuitive themes that help you embrace customizations and settings.

In this way, you are able to design the site based on your business’ particular requirements.


Having an ecommerce website would mean that you need to edit it every now and then. Owing to business changes and updates, having a website platform that gives you full access to edit the HTML and CSS would always prove to be an advantage!

Own domain name

Using Shopify helps you have your own domain name. This helps you customize the name based on your requirements.


Plugins go a long way in helping the retailers make the websites more customer-friendly. From helping your customers find the related products to helping them in easy checkout – a right integration of plugins with your eCommerce store can help you boost your revenue.

Final Words

That said, it is imperative by now that Shopify is one of the reliable platforms to gear up your eCommerce store on.

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