Website Design

Professional, custom websites optimized for optimal search engine performance can be difficult to come by, especially when you’re a small business owner on a budget. But, what if there was a simple solution to create a premier web presence that gets your business noticed for all the right reasons?

The Hawkesbury Geek is that solution.

We offer custom-designed WordPress websites built specific to your every requirement, guaranteeing your utmost satisfaction. Regardless of what you’re looking for, what type of business you run, or your unique specifications, we can create a custom-tailored solution that truly delivers.

Comprehensive Website Design That Puts You in Charge

At The Hawkesbury Geek, we offer everything that your small business needs for a successful online presence. This means that we don’t just build a site, but we build a brand that will resonate with customers and convert sales.

In addition to your professional WordPress website development, we offer other services to take your site even further, including:

  • SEO – All of our websites are built to be search engine friendly, allowing us to help you rank easier and help customers find your products and services.
  • Additional Functional Features – We can easily add loan calculators, quizzes, surveys, class schedules, or other features to your site to optimize your user experience. The options are truly endless!
  • Graphics – Need an outstanding logo? Or, perhaps you’re looking for stock pictures or other graphics to fill in empty space? At The Hawkesbury Geek, we can provide logos, graphics, stock pictures, and other content as needed.
  • Supplied Domain Name and Free First Year of Hosting  For all new customers, the initial purchase of the domain name and the first year of hosting will be included with your website
  • On-Going Security Updates – We strive to guarantee the complete security of your site over time, meaning that we implement all on-going security updates to keep you protected.
  • SSL Encryption – Google now priorities websites that have HTTPS, therefore all websites designed and hosted by The Hawkesbury Geek include SSL certificates.
  • Mobile Friendly Websites – In today’s world where customers increasingly turn to mobile devices to find products and services, a mobile friendly website is essential for your success. Luckily, a mobile friendly site is just another service offered by The Hawkesbury Geek.
  • E-Commerce – Need an effective way to display your products and convert customers? We specialize in e-commerce sites as well, allowing us to deliver custom solutions to your unique needs.

Once your site is completed, we also give you the necessary tools to easily manage and update content on your own. This puts you in charge of your company, giving you the ability to make changes as you see fit.

Affordable Website Design and More Begins at The Hawkesbury Geek 

At The Hawkesbury Geek, we believe in doing more than just providing you with a website. Instead, we provide you with a comprehensive, affordable online presence that will make a real difference in your business.

If you’re ready for meaningful design that makes a difference for your small business, contact us at 0418 712 632 or fill out our contact form to begin building the website you’ve been waiting for.