Why Every Business Needs an Online Backup

The modern age is fuelled by data. Every aspect of our everyday lives can be measured and recorded for future reference. With it, you can track progress, monitor issues, and record any transactions made. Every business needs data to survive, but without protection, they could face serious consequences.

What Is Online Backup?

The technology and internet boom brought about the need for people to secure information. With an online business statistics tool, products are purchased, and information is processed on a daily basis. An online backup service is a method to store your data regularly in case of an emergency, kind of like a filing cabinet for the internet.

Online backups are set up so you can regularly sync your precious business data with a cloud service. Whether you want to backup single computers, or entire servers, it is a trusted option among thousands of businesses both big and small.

Why Do You Need It?

A loss of data has disastrous potential and can hardly ever be predicted. There might be issues with nature such as power outages, fires, or natural disasters that completely wipe your data away. There are also the dangers of theft, hacking, and office troubles including water leaks that pose a threat to your data.

Data loss has notable effects on a business, even within the first 24 hours. Without access to essential information, your entire operation could be sent haywire. If you lose your data for good, all the hard work you put into your business is flushed away. Having to start from scratch is something nobody wants to do, which is why so many people turn to online backup.

IDrive: A Trusted Choice

There are plenty of choices for online backup, but only a select few are successful enough to offer you complete peace of mind. iDrive is an online backup service that has recently won a number of awards and been rated as the best online backup provider by PC Mag. The service offers solutions both Windows and Mac users, as well as servers, SQL and Exchange.

If you want the best security for a great price, look no further. IDrives’s security is on par with the encryption found in banks and military data. Your data will be secure to protect you against any of your data being leaked over the cloud service. You’ll be able to choose from several plans with assorted storage, and pricing options to best fit the size of your operation.

iDrive’s Continuous Data Protection will keep each of your files up to date during each hour of the day. It allows you to work with data from home, or even from your smartphone. iDrives’s online backup service gives you the option to operate on the move with an intuitive mobile interface. As you review and edit information, it will be effortlessly synced to each of your devices.

Worth Every Cent

For less than $6 (USD) a month for up to 2TB of storage, you can protect your data with their cloud services regardless of your location. You can choose how often you want your data to be backup up and IDrive will regularly secure it within that interval. Don’t rely on a manual backup and add a burden to your daily routine, especially when forgetting to backup yields serious consequences. Protect your data with IDrive.