Remote IT support

Remote IT support is a core service offered by The Hawkesbury Geek. This makes computer repair possible without physically walking into a repair shop! Wondering how this works? Well, thanks to advanced technology, The Hawkesbury Geek is able to gain access into the operating system of your ailing PC through a secure internet connection, fixing the problem. The duration of repair process depends on the complexity of the problem affecting the PC.

Why consider remote IT support?

Remote IT support comes with a host of benefits over the traditional PC repair options. Here are some top reasons for choosing online tech support option for your PC:


Remote IT support is economical as the service fees are billed on hourly basis. This makes the service highly affordable compared to having a technician physically present to fix your PC. For example, remote repair process eliminates transport fees and other hidden charges. In this case you can easily monitor the hours worked by the technician and strictly pay for the time spent fixing your PC.

Time saving

Remote repair option saves you a great deal of time. Remember that walking into a repair shop does not guarantee being attended immediately as the technician may be busy attending to another client. Here, you are forced either to wait or run around the city in search of an available technician. Engaging an The Hawkesbury Geek remotely gets your PC fixed immediately leaving you enough time to focus on your business.


Worried of having parts of your PC exchanged with less effective ones or software theft? Remote IT support is the way to go. Internet connection facilitating the repair is normally secured by security application to prevent software theft. In addition, The Hawkesbury Geek is not physically handling your PC hence no spare parts interference that can occur. This means that you get your PC fixed while your spare parts and software are left intact.