The importance of anti-virus software

An anti-virus for the PC is software designed to detect, protect and eliminate malicious software from the PC. This software is at times referred to as anti-malware protects the operating systems of the PC and data stored in it from virus infection.

Top 4 roles of an effective anti-virus

Protects CPU from Viruses

Viruses are self replicating codes crafted by cyber criminals. These viruses can get their way into the computer as malicious files, software or via infected external devices such as data storage discs. They normally infect the CPU, which is the brain of the computer. Here, they compromise the vital data and corrupt the operating systems of your computer. When this happens, you do not only lose data containing important information but renders your computer useless. That’s why you need to install trusted anti-virus software in your computer to safeguard its systems and data stored in it from these malicious codes.

Keeps hackers at bay

Hackers are intruders who access the data stored in the operating system of your computer. They bypass the security codes of your major communication accounts such as emails and sends messages to your contacts while receiving important messages sent to you. In addition, hackers intrude into your online credit cards and banking details emptying your e-wallet. To avoid this hackers’ menace, use of anti-virus software with the capacity to detect and block spyware and malicious files is highly recommended. The right anti-virus should send alerts once an intruder tries to gain access into your systems.

Restores corrupted files

Ever thought of losing the only copy of file containing vital data? When viruses such as malware attack your stored data, they corrupt some files changing, adding or erasing information. Reliable anti-virus software comes in handy in removing the parts of the data infected by the virus without interfering with the original information contained in the affected files. By doing so, the software restores the corrupted files hence preventing a regrettable loss of important data.

Reduces spam

Spam refers to the unsolicited messages sent into your email. Though most spam messages are genuine marketing information sent randomly without malicious intention, some are generated by viruses. In fact, some viruses hide in the hard disc of your computer sending spam messages that if not handled well may corrupt the data and destroy the operating systems. Anti-virus software eliminates the viruses present in the hard disc drastically reducing the influx of spam messages into your computer.

How do I prevent an infectation?

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, please ensure that you run an up to date and effective antivirus software. The Hawkesbury Geek recommends KasperskyTotal Security to meet your Internet security needs